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4 Preventative Maintenance Tips Every Business Should Consider

Preventative Maintenance Tips

One of the most vital parts of any facilities maintenance job is preventative maintenance. Properly maintaining your facility and equipment has many benefits that will lead to your business being able to run much smoother. Keep these 4 preventative maintenance tips in mind to help your facility run as efficiently as possible.

  1. Create and stick to a plan – the first step to preventative maintenance is planning. Every piece of machinery and equipment should have a specific schedule of what maintenance is required and when it should be done. While setting a schedule is half the battle, following through and sticking to the schedule is the only way to ensure that everything is running properly.
  2. Keep it simple – never try to make your preventative maintenance schedule more difficult than it needs to be. Checklists are one of the easiest ways to stick to a simple schedule. Having properly filled out checklists can also create an easy to read record of all the maintenance that is done.
  3. Create a paper trail – your checklists should only be a part of your paper trail for all of your machinery and equipment. Keeping records of all of your work orders will allow you to figure out exactly why something went wrong. At Landport Systems, we make keeping track of all of your work orders as easy as possible with our specialized work order and preventive maintenance software that can be accessed anywhere in the world.
  4. Keep an eye out – one of the easiest ways to prevent any issues with your equipment and machinery is to simply be on the lookout. If any equipment seems like it is not running correctly, it may be time to take a closer look to see what the problem really is.

Contact Landport Systems in Walnut Creek, California for all of your preventative maintenance needs at your business.

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