About Landport

About Landport

For over 20 years, Landport Systems, Inc. has been a pioneer and market leader in online work order management.  Landport’s X1 system fully automates tenant, employee, resident, facility manager, property manager, maintenance staff and service vendor communication.

X1 also provides powerful operational analysis tools to measure the efficiency of management operations and the effectiveness of vendors and onsite maintenance staff.

Landport was founded in Silicon Valley and has a highly diverse customer base. The company is headquartered in Walnut Creek, CA and has been delivering online work order management software and services since year 2000.

Case Studies


Landport has allowed LIFE Pittsburgh centers to streamline its facility operations, resulting in increased safety and costs at each center--which is vital for the important care they provide to the vibrant people they serve, enabling them to live full and well-supported lifestyles.

CASE STUDY: Great Mall of Milpitas

Landport’s automated Work Order Management System reduces lost paper orders and with sophisticated tracking tools, provides a measurable means for tracking work orders from open to close.

CASE STUDY: The Mountain Winery

Landport’s world-leading Internet Driven system provided a robust, easy to use, affordable system tailored to the Winery’s needs, resulting in increased profi ciency and communication—and ultimately, seamless service to its clients.

CASE STUDY: Arvest Bank

Arvest uses Landport in a local region to handle facility work orders in a more efficient manner, using less time and at a reduced expense. After experiencing rapid growth in Kansas City going from three to 17 branches within a few years, Arvest Bank needed a management system for facility work orders that worked better than an e-mail solution.

CASE STUDY: DistributionNOW

The ticket closing function was a huge improvement--no more tickets languishing in an unchecked mailbox for months on end. The visibility means that management can see if tickets are left open, and follow up with the team.

CASE STUDY: Franziska Racker Centers

After implementing Landport, it’s now easy for supervisors to see when mechanics are being overwhelmed by work requests, and it’s a snap to make changes or divert staff to help clear up requests.

CASE STUDY: Norman Towers

Management now has a real-time picture of when the work request was made, who accepted the request, the time it was accepted, and when it was completed. They also can track the mechanics’ down time in between work orders, allowing them to eff ectively assign PM tasks.

CASE STUDY: Alameda County Fire Department

Landport enables ACFD to manage maintenance jobs and schedules, solicit competitive bids from service vendors, perform operational analysis, obtain detailed reports on vendor cost performance, etc. The level of satisfaction of employees with respect to facility maintenance and repairs has improved dramatically.

CASE STUDY: Compass Health Network

After Pathways, now Compass Health, migrated to the Landport system, all work orders are now handled in an intuitive, organized way. Implementation was easy and system reporting will be much easier now..


Landport has hundreds of millions of square feet online, and is applicable to any type of property or facility, from small to large.

  • Commercial, retail, residential and industrial real estate
  • City, County, State and Federal Governments
  • Corporate Facilities
  • Banks
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment
  • Public venues
  • Libraries
  • Social Services
  • Non-profits
  • and others...

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