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Are You Using The Right Paint?

Consider these factors when choosing the right paint.

Paint is often taken for granted by facility managers and tenants until it starts to peel or crack. Even when it does start to fail, the most common remedy for the situation is usually the fastest and the cheapest. Knowing what paint will work best in which situations can help to ensure that your building continues to look its best without having to waste money on multiple repairs. Keep these tips in mind to help you pick the appropriate paint for each application at your property.

  • Quality – never skimp on the quality of paint. Top quality paint can help provide up to 10 years of service. Average quality paint will only last up to four years, which will lead to you spending more money on the same job. Keep in mind that most of the cost of paint project comes from the labor, and the more you have to repaint the same location, the more money you will be spending.
  • Solids – the higher quality the paint, the higher percentage of solids it will contain. The solids of a paint are what remain after the paint cures, and a higher percentage of solids will lead to more dry paint on the surface.
  • Price per gallon – typically, the higher the cost of the paint, the higher quality the paint will be. Keep in mind that this does not necessarily mean that you always need the highest quality and cost paint for each project that you take on because the protection level provided by higher cost paint may not be needed.
  • Finish – when choosing a finish, there is a trade off between the ability to hide defects and the durability of the paint. While flat and eggshell finishes are not very durable they tend to hide defects, while gloss and semi-gloss will do the opposite.

For more paint quality tips and all of your work order needs to ensure that all of your painting maintenance is kept up with, contact Landport Systems in Walnut Creek, California.

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