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Let Your Tenants Reach Your Environmental Performance Goals

city on (around) the earth globe, ecologyEnvironmental Building Performance Goals

While setting environmental building performance goals is a great way to help your property be a little more green, your tenants may be keeping you from reaching your goal. While this does not mean that you have bad tenants, it does mean that you will have to work a little bit harder to reach your goals. Keep these tips in mind to help encourage your tenants to get on board with your performance goals.

  • Get your tenants on board before they move in – while you are still in the building and designing phase of your property, determine what you want your environmental efficiency goals to be. Hold a meeting with your tenants, maintenance staff, and contractor to collectively come up with ideas on how to meet these goals. If tenants are involved in the planning process, they are much more likely to help you reach them.
  • Use new technologies – there are many new technologies that can help you measure the amount of energy that you are using at your property. Lucid has created a program called Building Dashboard that allows you to compare your energy usage with properties that are similar. The system will set benchmarks, and reference points, which can help to spur competitiveness with your tenants.
  • Create transparency – while measuring your energy usage is a good start, it can all seem useless if your tenants are not interested in it or do not completely understand what you are measuring. Making your goals as clear and simple as possible will help to get people interested in what you are doing. The more people understand, the more likely they will be to do their part.

To ensure that you have the right workflow in place with your property management system, and to reach your environmental goals, contact Landport Systems in Walnut Creek, California.

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