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High-Performance Facility Management for High-Performance Buildings

Facility Management in High-Performance BuildingsAs high-performance buildings become more common, it’s important you’re able to operate those buildings to meet that standard.

The growth of occupant demand, investor pressures, and building code requirements have led to a new standard of sustainability for high-performance buildings. In turn, many markets are mandating comprehensive sustainability and energy-efficiency programs. Meeting these new requirements is up to the facility manager and building owner.

Below are some tips to get you started with high-performance facility management for high-performance buildings:

Any high-performance building should work to enhance it’s “green-ness.” Operating economically is an outcome of effective strategy, planning, and solid management of the facility, all the while maintaining the health and safety of occupants and tenants. The building manager and facility owner should work to:

  • Reduce water, energy, and material use
  • Improve indoor environmental quality
  • Reduce negative impact on the environment
  • Increase use of environmentally-preferable products
  • Increase reuse and recycling
  • Integrate systems in buildings
  • Reduce environmental and energy impacts of transportation
  • Be considerate of the effects of the building on human health

As a facility manager, keeping on top of communications is critical to a smooth process. By allowing your team and employees to stay connected to you, along with receiving any new information on the spot, you’re able to tackle hurdles immediately, resolve confusion instantly, and simplify all your tasks in your high-performance building!

If you’re a property manager, building manager, service provider, or someone who needs multiple lines of communication within one nifty management solution, Landport Systems is for you! Contact us in Walnut Creek, California today to get started on your property management.

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