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Making Your Buildings Green

Apartment Building

One of the biggest costs for property managers and owners is energy consumption. While going green primarily benefits the environment, it can also result in significant reductions in energy costs. Having energy efficient buildings can also add value to the value of the property, making it more attractive to prospective tenants. Keep these changes in mind when taking steps to make your properties more energy efficient:

  • Establish your baseline. Where do your properties or facilities stand in terms of current energy consumption and efficiency? How do they stack up and compare, e.g., to Energy Star rankings?
  • Are you able to measure and monitor energy consumption over time?
  • Small changes make big differences. Determine what can do done to adjust existing equipment or make minor modification to improve efficiency. Fine tune your Preventive Maintenance plan. Making sure air filters are changed regularly can have a hugh impact on proper air flow and heating/cooling costs.
  • Create an energy efficiency roadmap for the short, medium and long term. Stay apprised of industry standards, trends, government regulations and benchmarks.
  • Appeal to the green tenant. Individuals who place a high value on being environmentally friendly look for properties that match their ethical preferences. Promote the green features of your property
  • Help current tenants conserve. Make energy conservation a cornerstone of your business.

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