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Tips to Become a Powerhouse of Productivity

Productivity Tips Walnut Creek CAGet more out of your workday with these productivity tips.

We all know the temptation to get distracted and spend hours or even a whole day chasing our impulses rather than getting focused tasks completed. Know thy enemy. By building some awareness, we can be the one behind the driver’s wheel instead of impulsivity, so we can finally get some real work done.

Start the Day With a Win

Statistics show in pro sports, the first team to score is usually the team that wins. The same applies to our day. If we start the day by getting on top of something before we let something get on top of us, we are more likely to feel control and a sense of empowerment as the day progresses. If we start the day by checking email and finding a late fee has been added to one of our payments, we are likely to follow this pattern and feel victimized the entire day.

Start your day not by checking your email to see who needs something from you or checking Facebook to see what everyone else is up to, but by being proactive and doing something you want to get done.

Ready, Set, Go

Often, especially when we are alone, we delay starting a project because it seems too big or too boring. The trick to overcoming this roadblock is just to start it. Set a time and make it fun. Watch the countdown of the clock and give yourself an ‘on your mark, get set, go!’ Even set a finish time to beat.

Create Accountability

Let people know when you will be done. You are more likely to stay focused if you have a deadline.

Get a Clear Vision

Divide and conquer your goals by knowing what needs to get done task-wise rather than knowing just the nebulous big picture.

Clearly define each step and take down little tasks one at a time. You’ll be up the mountain in no time.

We hope these tips help you get more work done faster. We can help, too! For all of your online work order management solutions, contact Landport Systems in Walnut Creek, California.

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