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How To Get Your Tenants Excited About Your Workflow Portal

Advice For Property Managers

Web-based property management software, such as that provided by Landport Systems, is the easiest and most effective way to make sure that your property is as efficient as possible. However, many people are hesitant to embrace web-based systems. There are many ways that you can encourage all of your tenants to use your portal for all of their maintenance needs, including:

  • Reward their feedback – incentives are one of the best ways to get tenants on board with the new program. There are many incentives that you should consider for those tenants who provide feedback about the new system, including a rent credit, free parking, or movie tickets at the local theater. Consider sending out both online and hard copies of surveys to allow for feedback from any tenants who may not be very tech savvy.
  • Build up loyalty – connecting your portal with ways to donate to a charity can help to give people the push they need to use the system. Connecting to a good cause will make tenants much more likely to use the portal regularly, since they can see a connection to something much bigger.
  • Find ways to save money – using an online portal instead of more traditional systems can help your business save tons of money and time. Pass those savings onto your tenants to help them get behind the idea of the switch.
  • Make it simple – if people have to spend hours learning how to use the new portal, they will not want to use it. Make using the portal as simple as possible to ensure that everyone will be able to use it.

For more property management advice to help switch your business to a workflow software, contact Landport Systems in Walnut Creek, California.

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