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Providing the Optimal Workflow

word cloud - workflowCreating an optimal workflow for your facility or property management operations will not only help your business run as smoothly as possible, but it will also help you attract new clients. A fine-tuned workflow can also help to make sure that of your customers (tenants, employees, staff, etc.) have a stress-free, elevated level of experience with your organizations. First impressions and responsiveness counts, and providing a workflow that delivers the red carpet treatment to your customers makes the critical difference. Keep these easy tips in mind when designing the workflow your clients will use to submit service or maintenance requests:

  • Make submitting requests EASY
  • Utilize a customized portal with practical content your customers can use
  • Ensure that customers are automatically apprised of the status of their requests
  • Keep management and service staff in the loop at all times
  • Elevate urgent requests
  • Measure response times
  • Be mobile friendly

Ensuring that your clients receive fast service, are kept informed and have a positive experience are the essential ingredients of a well-design workflow. In addition, keeping everyone on the same page at all times reduces your labor content. Customers are happier, management is more responsive, and maintenance staff and service vendors are more efficient. Nothing falls through the cracks. As a bonus, you have the ability to continuously measure and improve.

Landport Systems can help you create the optimal, streamlined workflow, quickly and efficiency, with the ability to fine tune as needed at any time. Get your Business Mojo in gear with Landport!

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