Strategies for Energy Management

Sustainable energy management for your property.

Commercial property owners today are increasingly faced with the demands of maintaining more efficient operations across their buildings. To support these efforts, many look to projects such as LED lighting and solar installations while missing overlooking simple energy management solutions.

Facility managers should feel rest assured that energy use can be deliberately monitored, controlled, and conserved, while decreasing the utility consumption and costs – all without sacrificing facility operations! Check out these strategies for energy management that you can use to increase efficiency while overcoming costly challenges.

Actively manage real-time energy consumption.
Use real-time data to identify potential issues instantaneously so that you can implement corrective actions. You may see peaks in utility usage at certain times of the day. From this, you can assess how much energy you’re using and how (and where) you can cut back.

Build the right team.
Successful energy management programs require engagement from various departments across the entire organization, from operations, finances, and sustainability, to maintenance, and human resources. It’s essential that this team works together to stay on track and meet your energy efficiency and sustainability goals!

Develop a plan for success.
This plan should state the scope of your energy management program and objections, including all internal and external reporting deadlines, and how you’ll track it for success. Take risks with major changes that will reduce consumption, but always back up your actions with smart decisions.

Implement the right tools.
Your plan is all set up, secure it with the key tools to establish success. Another important factor in establishing efficient energy management is having technology solutions that make collecting and analyzing data possible.

For all of your technology solutions for property and facility management, contact Landport Systems in Walnut Creek, California so that you can achieve success in services and energy management!