How To: Prevent and Thaw Frozen Pipes

preventing and thawing frozen pipes

Even though California isn’t known for its ice and snow, temperatures can drop to subzero overnight! With temperatures dropping to below freezing around the country, it’s important to be prepared for the cooler weather’s effect on your water pipes. While Walnut Creek in California is rarely subject to ice, overnight temperatures can rapidly drop below…

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Teaching Old Buildings New Tricks

Teaching old buildings new tricks Walnut Creek CA

Can you update your aged building with smart systems? Many facility owners and managers assume that retrofitting older buildings with smart building systems and management tools involves too much capital investment with not enough return. However, computing and affordable technologies like real-time data and analytics software have challenged the financial question. On average, intelligent buildings…

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Keep Winter Pests Out of Your Buildings

Prevent unwanted house guests in your buildings over winter! Many critters seek to find food and shelter over the winter as the weather turns cooler and the food sources become scarce. As it turns out, the prime location to fulfil all of their needs is your building! Whether it’s the lobby, basement garage, attic, or…

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The Secret to Happy Tenants

As a property manager, keeping your tenants happy is Priority One. There are many reasons: it’s ethically the right thing to do … it’ll help you keep your job … it’ll make you feel good about yourself … etc. There’s also another equally important reason: Whether you’re in commercial office space or retail, satisfied tenants…

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