Workflow Optimization for Commercial Property, Facilities, and Business Service Management

The Benefits of Powerful and Agile Workflow Optimization Systems

If you’re a manager in charge of many moving parts at your business, chances are you have a lot of work on your hands and not enough time to do it. Between playing phone tag, answering emails, and making sure you provide top-notch customer service, you’re burnt out. And, your go-to strategy for dealing with the amount of work coming in just isn’t cutting it. If this sounds familiar, you may need to optimize your current workflow systems.

Workflow proficiency is one of Landport System’s specialties.

We help commercial property managers create a streamlined process for reporting, managing, and completing client requests on-time and within budget. Our mission is to help business managers and property owners reduce labor costs, increase efficiency, and improve service.

Workflow optimization request

What is workflow?

Workflow is simply the steps taken to reach a goal or complete a task. To run a successful business, an efficient and reliable workflow is essential. When you’re managing something like a building, a facility, or providing a service, if your workflow isn’t implemented in the most efficient and effective way, your organization will lose time and money.

Landport is here to help. Our workflow systems are designed to provide you effective work order management.

So, how do you optimize workflow?

The first step we take in workflow optimization is to understand how you operate before implementing Landport, and configure our work order management system to operate as efficiently as possible. We need to know your specific challenges and struggles: too much paperwork? Ineffective communication? An overflowing inbox? We then configure the system to meet your unique needs and get you working in a more streamlined and effective manner.

Then comes the implementation. Landport Systems’ app is a cloud-based, wireless and paperless system accessible from your smartphone or tablet 24/7, so it is both powerful and ready-to-use. In a few business days, you will be set up online with Landport, fully trained, and ready to make the most of your new workflow.

Once we determine the best Landport account configuration for your business and you’ve been using it for awhile, we check in to make sure you’re using your new system to its absolute full potential. Our goal is to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your new workflow.  Landport will facilitate workflow adjustments if needed. When Landport Workflow Optimization is implemented for your business, you are able to free up your time to do something more meaningful, like growing your business.

As a Landport user, you can expect your new workflow will look something like this:

Step 1: Requesters (Tenants, employees, residents, etc.) submit maintenance requests via a generic or customized website.

Step 2: Property or facility managers are notified according to their personal preference (email or text message) and automatically log-in to review the details.

Step 3: Managers dispatch work orders to maintenance staff. They can also solicit estimates from preferred service vendors, who are notified according to their personal preference

Step 4: Vendors respond with online bids and/or service schedules, and once the work is completed and approved, submit electronic invoices.

The entire process is managed from start to finish via Landport; providing everyone the most up-to-date work order status at a glance. This simple and straightforward workflow optimization; designed to save time and money, will allow you to take control of the hours you put in at work. And, who couldn’t use a bit more time every day, and a stronger administrative budget?

If you’re ready to run a more efficient business and spend a lot less time playing phone tag and replying to emails, request a free demo from Landport and let us get your workflow optimization started today!