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Does Your Healthcare Facility Need Property Management?

Landport's Healthcare Facility Management Software

UPDATED: Helping hands should focus on patient healing and maintaining operations without interruption. How do you know when you need to update your healthcare facility management procedures and processes? From acute care to ambulatory care, the market demand for property management and development of healthcare facilities is growing. And, proper healthcare facility management is constantly…

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Landlord Money Saving Tips

Property Maintenance Tips As a landlord, it is not uncommon to cover the cost of most of the property maintenance and repair needs at your building. Luckily, there are many steps that you can take to help keep these costs as low as possible. Keep these money saving property maintenance tips in mind to keep…

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Keep Your Boilers Properly Maintained With These Tips

Boiler Maintenance Industrial boilers are an essential part of any commercial building, no matter if it is full of offices or apartments. While you are most likely aware of the importance of facility and preventive maintenance when it comes to your boiler, it can be easy to overlook the fundamentals. Keep these boiler maintenance tips…

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4 Preventative Maintenance Tips Every Business Should Consider

Preventative Maintenance Tips One of the most vital parts of any facilities maintenance job is preventative maintenance. Properly maintaining your facility and equipment has many benefits that will lead to your business being able to run much smoother. Keep these 4 preventative maintenance tips in mind to help your facility run as efficiently as possible.…

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How Much Does Your Work Order Cost?

Actual Cost of Work Orders Do you know how much your work orders are really costing your organization? Unfortunately, it is probably more than you would like to admit. While you cannot completely get rid of your work order process, there are ways to help cut the costs while also making your organization more efficient…

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Chiller Maintenance 101

How often do you think about your chillers? If you are like most facility or property managers, it is probably not on the top of your list of daily priorities. However, keeping your chillers well maintained can help to ensure they are working properly and keeping your buildings cool. Improper or inconsistent maintenance can result…

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