We Are Proud To Be Helping The Alameda County Fire Department!

case studiesAlameda County Fire Department Case Study

At Landport Systems, we can help all kinds of companies improve their workflow. Recently, we helped the Alameda County Fire Department with their on demand maintenance requests and preventive maintenance work orders.

The Alameda County Fire Department (ACFD) is situated in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is comprised of four different operational groups โ€“ special operations, administrative support services, fire prevention, and communications. To track equipment, apparatus, and work orders, ACFD has been relying on primitive bookkeeping and spreadsheets. They realized that they could no longer rely on the various manual methods, such as email, voicemail, spreadsheets, and hardcopy work orders, so they began to search for a new way to get everything done while increasing efficiency, improving their level of service, and gaining better control over their costs.

ACFD selected Landport as their facilities maintenance service provider back in May 2012. As the leading internet driven system for handling on demand maintenance requests and preventive maintenance work orders, Landport was the obvious choice for such an important operation. With the services that are provided by Landport, ACFD is now able to handle more work orders than ever before in less time and lower costs. All ACFD personnel are automatically kept up to date with the status of all their maintenance requests, which is a huge improvement over their previous methods. As a result, the entire department has become much faster and efficient in resolving any facility issues.

The systems that are provided by ACFD by Landport allow them to manage maintenance jobs and schedules, perform operations analysis, solicit competitive bids from service vendors, obtain detailed reports of vendor cost performance, and more. Employee satisfaction levels with respect to facility repairs and maintenance has dramatically improved.

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