Creating a Bird Free Property

Tips to Keep Birds Away

As the weather continues to warm up for spring, you may be seeing more and more birds flying around your building. While this is great news for bird enthusiasts, it can mean disaster for your building. Not only can birds cause serious damage to your building, but they can carry dangerous bacteria.

One of the main issues that birds cause for facility managers is their droppings and feathers, which can have an automatic negative impact on the appearance of your facility. Many urban birds, such as pigeons, are drawn to human food, which can be very bothersome for anyone who is trying to enjoy the warm weather by taking their lunch outside. Birds can also be a serious health risk, since they have been linked to many different health issues, from headaches to cardiopulmonary diseases due to bacteria found in their droppings.

The best way to keep your facility free from any bothersome birds is to make the property unappealing to them. Closely trim trees to prevent birds from making nests. Also, make sure that any discarded food is thrown away in a covered trash can, and regularly emptied into the dumpsters to keep hungry birds away. You should also consider architecture fixtures to prevent birds from calling your property home, such as spike strips on ledges, gutters, and windows. Visual and audio methods are also available to keep birds away, such as reflective foil. Try to avoid using chemical pesticides to keep birds away, since they can have harmful effects on tenants in your building.

For all of your workflow and property management needs and to ensure that your facility stays bird free and your tenants stay safe, contact Landport Systems in Walnut Creek, California.