Meet X1 From The Leaders in Online Work Order Management

Did you miss the BIG NEWS? Landport System has officially rolled out their new Landport X1 software!

The exciting new version of Landport’s award winning work order management system is a giant leap forward in the user experience. 

Founded in the Silicon Valley, Landport Systems, Inc. has been a pioneer and market leader in online work order management for over 20 years now, and has a highly diverse customer base. The company has been delivering online work order management software and facility management solutions since the year 2000.

And, now Landport is taking things to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL with Landport X1!

Landport X1

So, what exactly is Landport X1?

Landport X1 is a more powerful and user-friendly replacement for our current Landport product (R4). The Landport X1 software system fully automates tenant, employee, resident, facility manager, property manager, maintenance staff and service vendor communication in an intuitive and interactive cloud-based mobile application. 

How is X1 different from the current Landport System solution?

Landport X1 includes all the current features and functionality, plus:

  • Fully responsive screen sizing; automatically adapting to any screen size, and working on any mobile enabled device, (smart phone, tablet or computer) or desktop with no app required.
  • It features a newly improved, streamlined aesthetic look
  • Includes an auto-refresh to keep tracking current (browser refreshes on its own without user input)
  • Offers a powerful new self-serve “Help” portal
  • And, provides for an easy transition between versions; no training needed

How will current Landport clients be effected with the new system release?

Upgrades to the new system will be automatic, and rolled out incrementally. Current Landport customers with an active account will be notified ahead of time regarding the timing of the X1 upgrade and expectations, but can expect to see these upgrades sometime between the 4th quater (Q4) of 2017 and through the first quarter (Q1) of 2018.  Customers will not be forced to the new software if they choose to stay with their current version of Landport at this time. More information will be released on case-by-case circumstance with the company’s direct sales account manager at Landport.

What are others saying about this powerful CMMS sofware solution now?

Not only are Landport’s customers singing their praises…,

Sherry Metcalf  – “I’ve been using Landport for several years and LOVE the program and how user-friendly and intuitive it is. The look and feel of the new X1 format is even better. It’s even more intuitive and still user-friendly, and I love that it has an automatic refresh when entering data. It has a more “updated” look to it, though that really never mattered to us because looks don’t affect functionality…” Read more

Several news outlets have recently picked up the annoucement and are joining the march!

AM740 KVORLandport continues to be an innovator in the cmms industry…

InsideBayArea.comIt’s always been Landport’s model to go above and beyond consumer expectations, and X1 is no different…


More About Landport Systems 

As a market leader for nearly two decades, the Landport Systems solution pays for itself many times over by consistently offering the best value in the industry today:

  • Simplicity,
  • Ease of use,
  • Plenty of power when needed, and
  • Low cost solutions

What’s their secret? Clearly understanding the customer’s requirements, workflow optimization and exceptional customer care – a winning trio. In addition to cloud-based work order management, Landport brings years of knowledge, experience, and best practices to the table to enable businesses to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve services. In fact, Landport customers get MORE DONE IN LESS TIME; saving precious resources, time and money in the process.

Landport Systems is headquartered in Walnut Creek, CA, and has several sales offices located throughout the U.S., including Lafayette, CA and locations in Pennsylvania. But, no matter where they call home, Landport Systems serves millions of square feet of business online; both nationally and internationally, and can help your business run more proficiently, too.

Want to learn more?

CONTACT Jeffrey L. Langner, VP Sales, direct at 925-949-7693 or via email at [email protected] for more information today.





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