Proper Lighting Maintenance

Keeping your lighting systems working best for your property.

Lighting is a vital part of any property. Not only can it help to show off special features, but the proper lighting can help to reduce many safety hazards. Working with the right work order provider can help your managers schedule technicians to perform various key procedures to help ensure that your lighting is working to its full potential, including:

  • Choosing the right replacement lamps โ€“ even though all four-foot fluorescent tubes look very similar, if not identical, they all differ in their performance characteristics.
  • Annually clean fixtures โ€“ the output of a fixture can diminish by 10 percent each year due to dust accumulation, even if the environment is relatively clean.
  • Match replacement components โ€“ new transformers, ballasts, and drivers should match the original pieces, or at the very least have the same performance characteristics.
  • Ballast factor test โ€“ engineering and maintenance managers should use a multiplier to decide whether a lamp will be able to actually produce the amount of light that is predicted by the manufacturer.
  • Periodically check dimming pre-sets โ€“ ensuring that the dimming pre-sets stay regular can help to make sure that they meet all the original performance requirements.
  • Check scene pre-sets โ€“ the pre-sets on dimming systems rarely need to be changed after they have been set. If you will not need to change them, electronically or mechanically locking the system will help to prevent any issues with it in the future.

For more lighting tips to ensure that your property is well-lit and safe, contact Landport Systems in Walnut Creek, California.