Does Your Healthcare Facility Need Property Management?

Landport's Healthcare Facility Management Software

UPDATED: Helping hands should focus on patient healing and maintaining operations without interruption. How do you know when you need to update your healthcare facility management procedures and processes? From acute care to ambulatory care, the market demand for property management and development of healthcare facilities is growing. And, proper healthcare facility management is constantly…

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The Summer Essentials of Preventative Maintenance

Managing Property Management Orders

Maintenance tasks prevent an influx of maintenance orders. As we roll into August, which represents the tail end of summer and the hottest part of the year, there are a few maintenance items that you should keep in mind to make sure that your properties are running at peak performance. As the property maintenance orders…

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High-Performance Facility Management for High-Performance Buildings

Facility Management in High-Performance Buildings

As high-performance buildings become more common, it’s important you’re able to operate those buildings to meet that standard. The growth of occupant demand, investor pressures, and building code requirements have led to a new standard of sustainability for high-performance buildings. In turn, many markets are mandating comprehensive sustainability and energy-efficiency programs. Meeting these new requirements…

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The Benefits of Effective Work Management!

Pros of Work Management Process

Business process management can drive your company into success. It’s important to note that an effective work management system is essential for any growing and reliable business. It can be as simple as defining unclear processes and continually looking for areas of improvement and making changes or as complex as a complete business process re-engineering…

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Simple Ways to Boost Your Cellphone Reception

Ways to Boost Your Cellphone Reception

Use these tips to better your signal. Do you find yourself straining (literally) to reach good signal on your phone? Searching for a mobile phone signal can be a frustrating necessity, especially for the many people who struggle to get decent reception in their own homes. Poor signal strength could be your carrier’s fault, or…

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Live Life Like One Long Vacation with These Tips!

Live on Life Like One Long Vacation

Use these tips to make life feel like a long vacation. Whether you’re stressed, burnt out, or just in desperate need for a getaway, turning your life into a long vacation is the best way to get away without getting away. Sometimes, us mere mortals can’t get the time off work, afford the trip or…

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Are There Security Threats in the Internet of Things for Property Managers?

Mobile Tech is Shifting the Building Management Process

Find out threats that your business can face and how to protect it! In building management, one of the biggest recent developments is the integration of mobile technology. The past decade has seen tremendous gains in technology with web-based systems, powerful hardware, and sophisticated software. The evolution of connected devices as nodes on the Internet…

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6 Reasons to Stretch More Often!

Why We Should Stretch

Stretching is not just for yawning. It can benefit your health! While most of us don’t think of stretching as a necessary health task, it has been proven to be a small task with major benefits. For many wanting to get into shape, hopping on the treadmill for an hour then leaving the gym promptly…

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5 Tips for Rental Property Management

Manage your property in a proactive, effective process! If you manage a rental property, you’ll understand the importance of juggling tasks, revolving disputes, and maintaining the building. The best way to manage your business is to utilize these 5 practices and implement them today! Find the right renters Although this is easier said than done,…

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Proper Lighting Maintenance

Keeping your lighting systems working best for your property. Lighting is a vital part of any property. Not only can it help to show off special features, but the proper lighting can help to reduce many safety hazards. Working with the right work order provider can help your managers schedule technicians to perform various key…

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