Simple Ways to Boost Your Cellphone Reception

Ways to Boost Your Cellphone ReceptionUse these tips to better your signal.

Do you find yourself straining (literally) to reach good signal on your phone? Searching for a mobile phone signal can be a frustrating necessity, especially for the many people who struggle to get decent reception in their own homes.

Poor signal strength could be your carrier’s fault, or it could be because of signal-blocking materials in the walls. Whatever the case, you can boost your signal and get the maximum number of bars. Read on for simple tips to boost your cell phone reception!

  • Firstly, determine the strength of your signal. While the bars are designed to give an idea of signal strength, they aren’t consistent across handsets.
  • Make a signal map. Using your phone’s signal strength, walk around your building to look for the areas with the strongest signal. This can help you identify the areas that give you the best reception.
  • Open a window. The walls and the insulation may block signals from nearby mobile network towers and prevent your phone from communicating with them effectively. By opening a window, you can increase the strength of the signal reaching your phone.
  • Find your nearest tower. While most people prefer not to live close to a mobile phone tower, it can bring its advantages. If you are closer to a tower, you’ll often have better signal.
  • Elevate your phone. That’s right, holding your phone up in the air actually does help you get better signal. The higher you are, the less there is in the way to block a signal – so head upstairs!
  • Use Wi-Fi calling. If your building is equipped with well-working Wi-Fi, allow your smartphone to send messages and make calls over Wi-Fi. Turning this feature on can defeat patchy mobile phone signals.
  • Change your grip. Some models of Apple’s iPhone have been heavily criticized for their patchy reception. The best solution is to work out where your phone’s antenna is located and avoid gripping that part of your phone. Simply adjusting your grip in a bad call can improve signal. Alternatively, use a hands-free headset or earphones.
  • Switch providers. For some households, the problem may lie with the mobile network they are using. Some providers have better coverage than others!
  • Get a signal booster. Some mobile networks will provide devices that connect to your mobile Internet, allowing you to make calls with consistent reception.

While you keep your personal signal in check, allow us to aid your professional communication!

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