Live Life Like One Long Vacation with These Tips!

Live on Life Like One Long Vacation

Use these tips to make life feel like a long vacation.

Whether you’re stressed, burnt out, or just in desperate need for a getaway, turning your life into a long vacation is the best way to get away without getting away. Sometimes, us mere mortals can’t get the time off work, afford the trip or have just signed ourselves up to too many responsibilities.

While you’ll still be working and tending to your daily chores, a vacation state-of-mind can help you to live like you’re on holiday – permanently! As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy life a little more.

Start to incorporate these 4 ways how to live and work like you’re on vacation:

Get out of routine.
The best part of vacationing is seeing new cities, landscapes, and people. Taking in new information about our environment forces us to become more aware! Switch up your daily commute by biking, taking the train or carpooling for a completely different experience.

Take breaks more often.
Although mental distance is easier on vacation (out of sight, out of mind), you have to actively step away from your work, desk, and constricting mentality. Start to take breaks in a natural, outdoor setting and always leave your phone behind. If you bring your phone with you, you’ll be tempted to check it for the time, emails, or other distractions.

Unplug from your devices. Every day!
We don’t go on vacation to watch T.V., so why do we unwind from a long day by watching mindless shows? Instead of watching your favorite show or turning to your tablet, choose to open a book or chat to a loved one.

Have new experiences.
While on vacation, we try new food, go to different locations, and have unique experiences. Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in a routine of everyday life. This quickly spirals into feeling unsatisfied and miserable – which are definitely not vacation vibes!

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