What The Top Smartphone Apps In 2014 Can Tell Us About 2015

Smartphone with apps

Top Smartphone Apps in 2014

Almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays. With the capability to search the web at any moment, smartphones can keep you more connected than ever. Smartphones also allow you to download apps that can help you stay in touch with loved ones or simply pass the time with a fun game.

With 2014 still only a month gone, looking at the top smartphone apps can give app developers and phone companies an idea of what apps will be big hits in 2015. The top 10 apps of 2014 were:

  1. Facebook
  2. Google Search
  3. YouTube
  4. Google Play
  5. Google Maps
  6. Gmail
  7. Facebook Messenger
  8. Google+
  9. Instagram
  10. Music, such as iTunes Radio

Even though 2015 is just a month old, Apple is already pulling ahead with the highest app store revenue out of all the smartphone companies. On the other end, Samsung, Android, and Kantar Worldpanel saw declines in their app store revenue. Apple owes part of its success to the new and improved iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, as well as an anticipated new 12.9 inch iPad. With new products to be released in 2015, app developers have the opportunity to bring in tons of money with new apps that are made specifically for iOS.

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